Texas Mechanics Lien Laws

Am I Required to Notify the Property Owner or the General Contractor That I Filed a Lien?


The Mechanics Lien Affidavit must be served on the Property Owner by personal service, certified mail, or registered mail by no later than the 5th day after it has been filed with the County Clerk’s Office.  If you are a Subcontractor or Material Supplier not hired by the Property Owner, then you must also serve the Mechanics Lien Affidavit on the Project General Contractor. See Section 53.055 of the Texas Property Code to learn more.

Inside Tip 1

To take full advantage of the Mechanics Lien filing, you should consider serving the Mechanics Lien as an enclosure to a strong Payment Demand Cover Letter advising the Property Owner, the General Contractor, and anyone else who might be affected by the filing of the Lien or a Lawsuit to foreclose on the Mechanics Lien. Remember, you only have a limited number of opportunities to demand payment; service of the Mechanics Lien can be one of the best opportunities that you will have to resolve the Claim before filing a Lawsuit to foreclosure. how to gain leverage through serving the Mechanics Lien.

Inside Tip 2

If you serve the Mechanics Lien, or any other Mechanics Lien Document by certified mail, you can go to www.USPS.com, click on the “track and confirm” option, enter the certified mail number in the box and the tracking information will appear; such as when the Document was delivered and who signed for it.

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