Texas Mechanics Lien Laws

How Is the Mechanics Lien Removed After the Debt Is Paid?

Removing the Mechanics Lien is simple!  After you have been paid or resolved the debt, just file a Release of Lien with the County Clerk’s Office where you filed the Lien.  Once the release is accepted and recorded by the Clerk, the Mechanics Lien is forever removed.  The Lien Professor’s Mechanics Lien Kit includes all of the Documents that you will need to file a Release of Lien.

Practice Pointer

If you fail to release the Mechanics Lien after you have been paid and within 10 days of receiving a written demand to do so, the Property Owner has the right to file a Lawsuit to request the Court to release the Mechanics Lien.  In the event the Court grants the request, the Property Owner will be entitled to recover attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in making the request.

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