File a Mechanic's Lien

When it comes to preparing and serving a Texas Construction Lien there are only two options that you should consider: (1) you can retain the Texas Construction Lawyers at Lovein | Ribman, P.C. to do it for you; or (2) you can do it on your own with The Lien Professor’s Lien Kits and Forms. We make doing either of these options quick and easy!

Retain Lovein | Ribman, P.C. to Prepare, File and Serve Your Lien

Here Is How It Works: To initiate the process, provide us with your Project Information by submitting the Form below or by Calling Lovein | Ribman, P.C. toll free at (888) 368-2483 and asking for Attorney Robert Lovein. For no charge, we will: (1) analyze your legal matter, (2) answer any Lien question, and (3) recommend a course of action. This is something a Lien Service cannot do! If you decide to retain us to prepare, file, and serve your Construction Lien as an enclosure to a strong Payment Demand Letter, we will gather all necessary information from you by email or facsimile. There is no need to come to our offices, unless you want to! Read below to learn more.

    Why File a Mechanic’s Lien?

    A Mechanic’s Lien can be a very effective legal method to secure payment.  Click here to learn more about the Mechanic’s Lien.  First, when a Mechanics Lien is filed against the Property, it places a “cloud” or “encumbrance” against the Property’s title, thereby informing third-parties that a contractor claims a debt is owed to it for work provided to the Property.  Consequently, a Mechanics Lien should make it very difficult for the Property Owner to obtain permanent financing, refinance, or sell the Property.  Second, once the Mechanics Lien has been recorded, you can now file a Lawsuit to foreclose (sell) the Property to pay the debt.  Third, a Mechanics Lien can become an even more powerful tool when it is served as an enclosure to a strong Payment Demand Cover Letter on the Property Owner, the General Contractor, and anyone else who will be affected by the Mechanics Lien recording. 

    The Construction Lawyers at Lovein | Ribman, P.C. can prepare your Mechanics Lien Affidavit, file it with the County Clerk’s Office, and serve it as an enclosure to a strong Payment Demand Letter that can, depending upon your specific situation, include the following contentions: (1) that the contract has been breached by nonpayment; (2) that Texas Property Code Chapter 28 (the “Prompt Payment Act”) has been violated by the contractor’s failure to timely release payment; (3) that interest in the amount of 18% a year is accumulating under the Prompt Payment Act and a demand for the accrued interest; (4) that Texas Property Code Chapter 162 (the “Trust Fund Statute”) has been violated by the contractor’s diversion or wrongful retention of construction funds, which imposes both civil and criminal penalties; (5) a demand for immediate payment of the principal amount owed, interest, and attorneys’ fees; and (6) that if the amount owed is not immediately paid, then you will file a Lawsuit to foreclose on the Mechanics Lien and to seek an award for the principal amount owed, accrued interest, attorneys’ fees, and costs. Learn more about the benefits of using a Construction Lawyer.

    We are Texas Construction Lawyers!

    Lovein | Ribman, P.C. is a boutique Texas Construction Law Firm. The attorneys at Lovein | Ribman, P.C. have successfully litigated construction disputes in nearly all of Texas’s District and County courts and also have extensive experience in alternative forms of dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation. In recognition of their work, the firm’s lawyers have developed a reputation in the legal community for authority, competence, and expertise.

    Lovein | Ribman, P.C. represents General Contractors, Subcontractors, Material Suppliers, Architects, Engineers, and Laborers throughout the entire state of Texas in both private and public Projects, to include preparation and service of all Mechanics Lien Documents, Mechanics Lien Foreclosure Actions, Payment Bond Claims, construction defects, construction contract disputes, Contract Review and Drafting, and other similar types of construction related matters. We have a comprehensive understanding of Texas construction law and how to enforce the construction laws enacted by this state. That is what we do! And we do it in every county throughout the entire state of Texas every day. If you have provided labor, materials, equipment, or professional services to a construction Project in Texas and have not been paid, we can help regardless of where your office is located. Learn more about the benefits of using a Construction Lawyer.

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