Texas Mechanics Lien Laws

How Long Should I Wait Before I Begin the Mechanics Lien Process on a Project?

You should consider beginning the Mechanics Lien Process the moment you enter into an agreement to provide labor and/or materials to a Project.  One of the most common mistakes made is to assume that you will be paid for your work.  The better approach is to assume that you will not be paid and to make it a practice in your business to timely serve all Pre-Lien Notices and file your Mechanics Lien Affidavits well before your deadlines.  Remember, a Pre-Lien Notice does not need to be a threatening demand for payment, but instead can be drafted in a manner that advises the Property Owner and the General Contractor that the Notice is simply being sent to comply with the mandatory Texas Mechanics Lien Statutes.  All of The Lien Professor’s Mechanics Lien Kits contain two versions of the Pre-Lien Notices: one specifically drafted in a non-confrontational tone and the other as a strong Payment Demand Letter. Alternatively, the construction lawyers at Lovein | Ribman, P.C. can prepare all Mechanics Lien Documents to specifically meet your needs.

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