Texas Payment Bond Claim Laws

How Do I Use the Payment Bond Process to Enforce Payment?

Typically, you do not make a Payment Bond Claim, or even file a Lawsuit to enforce payment under the Payment Bond, with the expectation that the Surety will pay that debt; it is very uncommon for a Surety to directly pay the claim.  Instead, you engage the “Payment Bond Claim Process” to secure a potential new form of payment (from the Surety) and as a means to gain leverage to resolve the dispute.  As such, each step of the Process can be viewed independently and as an attempt to obtain payment without having to take the next step.  With that said, it is important that each Payment Bond Claim Document is: (1) timely sent; (2) has the right look and appearance; (3) has the strongest possible content; and (4) is served at the optimal time.  All of The Lien Professor’s Payment Bond Claim Kit Documents have been prepared with this strategy in mind.

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