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Lovein | Ribman, P.C. is a boutique Texas Construction Law Firm. The attorneys at Lovein | Ribman, P.C. have successfully litigated construction disputes in nearly all of Texas’s District and County courts and also have extensive experience in alternative forms of dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation. In recognition of their work, the firm’s lawyers have developed a reputation in the legal community for authority, competence, and expertise.

Lovein | Ribman, P.C. represents General Contractors, Subcontractors, Material Suppliers, Architects, Engineers, and Laborers throughout the entire state of Texas in both private and public Projects, to include preparation and service of all Mechanics Lien Documents, Mechanics Lien Foreclosure Actions, Payment Bond Claims, construction defects, construction contract disputes, Contract Review and Drafting, and other similar types of construction related matters. We have a comprehensive understanding of Texas construction law and how to enforce the construction laws enacted by this state. That is what we do! And we do it in every county throughout the entire state of Texas every day. If you have provided labor, materials, equipment, or professional services to a construction Project in Texas and have not been paid, we can help regardless of where your office is located. Learn more about the benefits of using a Construction Lawyer.

Why Use a Construction Lawyer?

  • The Construction Lawyers at Lovein | Ribman, P.C. can analyze your specific situation and determine effective methods to use to enforce payment.
  • The Construction Lawyers at Lovein | Ribman, P.C. can effectively employ the tricks and secrets discussed in this website as a means to enforcing payment.
  • When your Payment Bond Claim Documents are prepared by a Construction Lawyer, you have the assurance that the Documents have been properly prepared and timely served.
  • When the Public Entity, the Surety, General Contractor, or Subcontractor receives a Payment Bond Claim Document from a Construction Lawyer, as opposed to a non-lawyer “On-Line Lien/Bond Claim Processing Service,” they should know that you are serious about being paid.

When to Use a Construction Lawyer

  • When your Claim is large enough that it makes economical sense to retain a Construction Lawyer to prepare the Payment Bond Claim Documents for you.
  • When you believe it will be necessary to later file a Lawsuit to enforce payment under the Payment Bond and want the assurance that the Payment Bond Claim Documents have been properly and timely prepared.
  • When you do not feel comfortable preparing the Payment Bond Claim Documents on your own.
  • When you have already taken the first step in the Payment Bond Claim Process and feel as if you need the assistance of a Construction Lawyer for that particular Project.
  • When you have a Payment Bond Claim that is too complicated to figure out on your own.

Whether you are a Subcontractor, Material Supplier, Architect, Engineer, or Laborer who has or will be providing work to a Government owned Project, the Construction Lawyers at Lovein | Ribman, P.C. can prepare and serve all of the necessary Payment Bond Claim Documents for you and/or file a Lawsuit to enforce your Claim.

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