Payment Bond Claim Library

General Payment Bond Claim QUESTIONS

Can I File a Lien Against Government Owned Property?

How Do I Enforce Payment on a Government Owned Property?

What Are the Benefits to Making a Payment Bond Claim?

How Do I Use the Payment Bond Process to Enforce Payment?

What Laws Control the Public Payment Bond Claim Process?

What is a Public Payment Bond Claim?

Who Can Make a Public Payment Bond Claim?

How Long Should I Wait Before I Initiate the Payment Bond Claim Process?

How do I Obtain the Payment Bond Information so I Can Make a Claim Against the Payment Bond?

Do I need a Written Contract to make a Payment Bond Clam?

Are the Requirements and Deadlines Different if You Were Hired by the General Contractor Versus a Subcontractor?

Are the Requirements and Deadlines for Making a Payment Bond Claim Different for Protecting “Unpaid Progress Payments” Versus “Withheld Contractual Retainage”?

The Payment Bond Claim Notices

What are the Necessary Steps for Making a Payment Bond Claim?

How Do I Initiate a Payment Bond Claim for Unpaid Progress Payments?

What Information Must Be Included in the Payment Bond Claim Notices for Unpaid Progress Payments?

How Do I Initiate a Payment Bond Claim for Unpaid Withheld Retainage?

How Do I Serve the Payment Bond Claim Notices?

What is the Deadline for Filing a Lawsuit to Enforce a Payment Bond Claim?

Other Remedies to Enforce Payment

What is a Payment Demand Letter?

What is the Trust Fund Statute and How can it be Used to Enforce Payment?

What is the Public Prompt Payment Act and How can it Assist Me in Recovering Interest?

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